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Hey, hi, hello there.

Alvis/21/Cis/He/His/Him. Clueless/ Dork/Geek/Nerd/Otaku. I like to write, sing, film, among many other things, though I'm terrible at every one of those things.

KPop and KDramas are pretty cool.
Cosplay is life, but I can't seem to get better at it.

Talk to me any time, about anything. I'm a great listener.
Thanks for reading.

★ 10 - 10 - 2014 ★ Happy Birthday Uzumaki Naruto ★

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Meeting people’s parents has got to be the most nerve wrecking thing for me.

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14/10/21 BEAST is filming for KBS Entertainment Relay’s Guerilla Date at Seoul Women’s University today

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tips for lonely people


stop a ton of random people in the street and say “think of me when you poop” and they’ll be so shocked that they actually will think of you when they poop and you can rest in comfort knowing someone thought about you that day

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Tumblr Texting Buddy Application!

Where you are from:
When I Can Text You:
How Fast You Respond:
Anything Else:
Favorite kind of music:

-If accepted, I’ll ask for your number-

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